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Unit Performance Guide Methodology:

Unit Performance Guide Methodology: The BSA-Approved Strategy for Starting and Sustaining High-Performing Quality Units

A new Unit Performance Guide will be released on November 1 to help start and sustain high-performing quality units.

Under the new methodology,“No Unit Before Its Time,” there are four pillars (or steps) of new unit organization and retention:

1) Know the Market
2) Make the Call
3) Build the Team
4) Grow the Unit

Other key principles of the methodology include:

Volunteer-driven, professionally guided.
The district executive, new-unit commissioner, and new-unit organizer all work together in the new-unit organization process. Professionals and volunteers partnering together help ensure the proper development of high-performing quality units.

A new-unit commissioner is assigned at the very start of the new-unit organization process.
Once the unit is organized, the commissioner serves the unit for three years to help it become a high-performing unit.
1:1 ratio = 1 new-unit commissioner for 1 new unit

Organize every new (non-LDS) unit with at least 10 youth.
Starting with two dens or patrols or a crew of 10 helps ensure the unit has a good foundation to grow.

Recruit at least five adult unit volunteers.
Properly selected quality volunteers are important to the successful operation and sustainability of the new unit. Note: The chartered organization representative position should be a separate position and not a multiple position.

Develop the Unit Key 3 concept.
The unit leader, committee chair, and chartered organization representative meet monthly. The assigned new-unit commissioner serves as the advisor to the meeting.

Focus on organizing the whole Scouting family.
The whole Scouting family normally includes a pack, a troop, and a crew, all chartered by the same faith-based or community group. It can also include Varsity Scouting and Sea Scouting units as well.

To access the Unit Performance Guide, visit Link and click on “New Unit Development.” It also is available in PDF format (English, No. 522-025; English/Spanish, No. 522-026); in EPUB file for iPhone, iPad, Nook, and Android devices; and in MOBI file for Kindle.

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