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Internet Rechartering and Youth Protection Training Status

The BSA requires all registered volunteers to complete Youth Protection training within 30 days of registering, and for volunteers to repeat this training every 24 months.

The following explains the YPT completion information available to units.

Internet Rechartering has an “Adults Without Youth Protection” training report that is included on the final PDF Unit Charter Renewal report package. In addition, YPT and the date the course was taken are included on the draft roster viewable online and printable by the unit rechartering processor.

What Internet Rechartering Does:

Under “Update Member Information,” Internet Rechartering displays whether or not YPT, based on the unit type, is current and the date it was last completed.

It also allows for this data to be refreshed during the period of online renewal so the unit renewal processor can see this information at the latest time prior to submittal. This enables units to encourage persons to complete YPT and have their record updated while renewal is in progress. It is not possible to update YPT completion during the actual online renewal, but this will be included in the new online BSA Unit and District Tools to be released.

It provides the listing of adults not current on their YPT in the report package, both in the draft and final formats as submitted.

Units can use Internet Advancement to view and print a unit roster that includes the YPT status of all adults in the unit.

What Internet Rechartering Does NOT Do:

The report package does not contain a statement that all adults are YPT current, but the renewal processor is able to see who is while renewing the unit. When a unit is submitted for renewal, the registrar is able to see who is YPT current and who is not.

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