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Advancement Orders

Last minute request for advancement and awards are common, especially when waiting for others to get information to you.  There are things that can help make sure that the turn around from our getting the order and the awards getting to you is a fast as possible.

1. Check the Unit Account funds ahead of time. Waiting for funds to get here can take time.

2. Include a daytime contact name and phone number or e-mail address with your order. If there are any questions or problems they can get cleared up faster with the right contact info. Also include a mailing address for where you want the order to go.

3. Make sure that all orders for Rank and Merit Badge emblems come with the Unit Advancement report. These items will not be sent out without the proper paperwork. If your not sure what needs paperwork please call or e-mail me.

4. Online advancements: This is a great tool to use to for the units because you can make sure that the youth have the correct advancement information on record and it can also alert you to youth who, for what ever reason, are not registered. However, one thing you should note, when you enter your advancement online, the council does not automatically receive a copy of your advancement.  You must still print the report and submit it to the council to order your awards.  

I will do my very best to get your orders out in next day's mail.  It will help to make sure all the pieces are in place.

If you you have any questions, contact me at (218) 740- 4525 or [Click for member's page].

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