The holidays are coming and as you head out with your shopping list in hand don’t forget to check out the Voyageurs Area Council Store for great gift ideas.

Whether you are looking for ideas for your Cub Scout or a kid at heart adult we have a variety of items and prices ranges for you to choose from.

Here are just 10 samples of what we have.

Patch Blankets or vest: These are perfect for all of the patches that you’re not sure what to do with. 

The Kids Book of Chess: This illustrated book teaches those 8 and up how to play chess and includes a chess board.

Knives: We have a variety of knives and multi tools in stock.

Bags and Totes: From the simple tote to messenger bags and back packs we have what your Scout or Scouter needs to get stuff to the Scouting meetings and events.

Cribbage Board:  Cribbage is the perfect game for any get together from campouts to family night. This locally made set comes with a carry bag, cards and game instructions.

Books:  From resource to just plain fun we have books for all ages of the Scouting program

Cooking in the great outdoors: Outdoor cooking is a big part of scouting and we have items from stocking stuffers to the latest in cooking systems, the Jetboil cooking pot.

Uniforms and accessories:  Has anyone on your list outgrown his/her uniform. Now is a good time for that new shirt or accessories like belts and hats.

Educational Decks of Cards: Learn more about things like the Stars, Cooking, Birds and Tress with these BSA card decks on a variety of subjects. I have had some very good feedback on these items.

Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers: We have Coins, wallets, hiking staff medallions, hat pins and more for those “one last little thing” items that you are always looking for.

And don’t forget your tree. We also have Christmas tree ornaments, one of which is dated for 2011.

Stop by, call or e-mail and let us help you complete your shopping needs.