Summer reading...where the real adventure begins

Read 5 books from the Summer Reading program and recieve a $5.00 Scout Bucks certificate that can be used towards purchases in the Voyageurs Area Scout Shop.

The program runs from May1 to August 31, 2011. There are 14 books in the series that are avaiable for purchase at the Scout Shop. With the first purchase you will recieve a puch card and once you have 5 punches on the card you will recieve the $5.00 certificate.

All purchases must be made through the Voyageurs Area Council Scout Shop and the books must be on the reading series list of choices to qualify. 

Books included in this program are:

Dangerous Beasts, Let's Go Hiking, Night Creatures, Nature Detectives, Really BIG Things, Real Life Robots

Men on the Moon, Secrets of Snakes

Spirit of Adventure, Legacy of Honor, The Scouter's Companion, Eagle on Ice, Gospel of the Red Man, Baden-Powel: Two lives of a Hero.