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2007 Centennial Quality Award - District Commitment

We, the key leadership of our district, are committed to achieving the requirements for the 2007 Centennial Quality Award:

  1. More than 60 percent of our units earned the Centennial Quality Award for this year.

    ______ percent earned the Centennial Quality Award.
  2. Reach the goal of ______ new units organized in 2007.

    Number of units organized: ______
  3. Through our annual membership plan, we commit to ______ percent growth in traditional
    membership OR a ______ percent gain in traditional density, PLUS increasing or maintaining the number of Learning for Life participants.
  4. Increase the district’s retention of youth from ______ percent last year to ______ percent.
  5. Achieve finance goals as approved by the council leadership. $______
  6. Through our district commissioner staff, we commit to retaining ______ percent of our units in the district.

    Last year’s unit retention: ______ percent Actual number of units to be retained: ______
  7. Recruit and train an additional ______ unit commissioners, increase commissioner unit visits per unit to ______ per year, improve the unit-to-commissioner ratio, and involve ______ new adults as a part of the national parent initiative this year.

    ______ Number of new unit commissioners ______ Number of commissioner unit visits per unit per year

    ______ Number of new adults involved ______ Ratio of units to commissioners
  8. Through a functioning Key 3, recruit and train an additional ______ district committee members and grow the average number of members per district over last year.

    ______ Number of new district committee members ______ Average members

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