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2007 Centennial Quality Award - Unit Commitment

We, the youth and leaders, are committed to achieving the requirements for the 2007 Centennial Quality Award:

  1. We will have ___ percent of our direct contact leaders complete Basic Leader Training for their position, including Youth Protection Training.

    ______ Last year’s percent ______ This year’s percent
  2. As one of the committed units in our district, our goal is to retain ______ percent of our members, recruit ______ new youth, and recharter on time.

    ______ percent retained, ______ number new youth, and ______ rechartered on time
  3. As a participating unit in the national parent initiative, we commit to recruit ______ new adults to be active.

    ______ Actual number of new adults
  4. We had a minimum of 60 percent of our youth members advance in rank for Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting or earn Venturing recognition awards, or we improved by 10 percent over last year.

    Percent advanced/earned ______ last year and ______ this year
  5. At least 70 percent of our youth members had an outdoor experience or one activity per month, or improve the percentage over last year.

    ______ percent last year ______ percent this year
  6. We will conduct annual program planning and will provide the financial resources to deliver a quality program to our members.

    ____ Yes ____ No

In support of a quality program experience, we confirm:

  • We received ______ visits from our unit commissioner this past year.
  • We supported the council by participating in Friends of Scouting and the annual product sale.  ____ Yes ____ No

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