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Scouting happens when dedicated volunteers like you work together to deliver fun adventures in their communities, at our camps, around the country, and even around the world.

Behind the scenes important information and record keeping helps to keep our programs safe, well-staffed, supplied, and running smoothly.


Scouting is made possible by local and national resources and we try to be good stewards of these resources. As technology changes and adapts it is difficult to completely abandon old systems. To take advantage of new technology, new systems often pop-up next to old systems. Finding a system that does everything in one place and does it well is an impossible task.

So while there are a lot of places to go, we’ve tried to organize everything here for you to get to the right place for the right task.

As an adult Scouting volunteer, get access to your Scouting record and submit important information about your pack, troop, or crew. Access to various tools is based on your registered Scouting position, so be sure to submit your Adult Leader Application and follow all procedures when stepping into a new role. replaced the older system. (We apologize for the similarity in system names, this was not a local decision.)

What can I do here?

  • Update Your Contact Information

  • Take Online Training Courses through eLearning

  • Take Youth Protection Training

  • Access Training Status Information

  • Tour and Activity Plans (Legacy Web Tools)

  • Access Internet Advancement (Legacy Web Tools)

  • Manage Information (Legacy Web Tools)

Scoutbook is a web-based youth advancement tracking tool. It is FREE for individual and Scout unit (pack, troop, crew, ship) use.

Scoutbook also provides messaging tools, photo and video sharing, and event and activity planning as well as merit badge counselor information for troops. Scoutbook will not necessarily replace other unit management software your Scout unit might be using, but all units should start using Scoutbook since it is synchronized with the Scouting main membership database records.

Individual Scouting Tools